Khalid Jassim Bin Kalban

Khalid Jassim Bin Kalban

Khalid Bin Kalban is one of the well-known businessmen in the UAE, thanks to his broad experience in different fields – ranging from industrial, financial and investment sectors with more than 36 years of extensive experience.

Mr. Kalban has played a key role in establishing different leading companies in the UAE through his farsighted vision and judgement. The companies he has helped establish have contributed to the country’s development across different sectors. With his distinguished style and astute knowledge in leveraging the competitive edge and increasing the productivity of different companies, Mr. Kalban holds many important posts, including Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Investments PJSC, Chairman of Union Properties PJSC, Chairman of Al Mal Capital PSC, Member of Board of Directors of National General Insurance Company PSC and Takaful Re Limited.

Mr. Kalban also holds important posts in international companies, including the Chairman of Arab Insurance Group B.S.C., Bahrain, and member of the Board of Directors of First Energy Bank B.S.C., Bahrain, The Islamic Bank of Asia Limited, Singapore, and Arcapita Investment Management B.S.C., Bahrain.

Mr. Kalban previously handled important responsibilities, having served as General Manager and Director of Al Khaleej Investment PTE-Ltd, Singapore from 1992 to 1995 and as Vice Chairman from 1995 to 2002.

Mr. Kalban earned Associate Degree of Arts in Business Management from Arapahoe Community College, USA, and a BS in Management from the Metropolitan State College, USA